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Awards Open 1 , Dwight Parker with Craig and Lucy, Carol Ann with Stone, Richard Brandon with Lad and Anita Young with Gil
Awards Open 2, Dwight Parker with Craig and Lucy, Joe Parham with Scooter, Anita Young with Mitch and Richard Brandon with Lad

Joe Parham and Scooter at the pen. Open 3 Winner

Scooter is a Macey x Train

Handlers and set out crew
Rick Wall and Sis turning the post
Barbara and Megan Hall taking a break with Glennon and Selma Parker
Andrew Roger's Nicko
Scribe Rae Parker and Judge Carol Ann Tholkes
Richard Brandon and Kaitlyn Owen moving the cows back to the set out
Our Country Store -Terry Crowe-One of our sponsors (Thank you Terry!)
Set Crew
Tony Stewart and Lad
Andrew Rogers , getting ready !
Karen and Kaitlyn exhausting cattle

R. Brandon's Gypsy turning a calf, Nursery 3 winner, Macey x Dan

Exhaust crew, Mikayla Parker and Logan Hall


2012 Blue Ridge Cattle Dog Championship Results

Nursery #1

09/07/2012, 5 Dogs

1st- Carol Anne Tholkes Stone

2nd- Richard Brandon Gypsy

Open #1

09/08/2012, 17 Dogs

1st- Dwight Parker Craig

2nd- Dwight Parker Lucy

3rd- Carol Anne Tholkes Stone

4th- Richard Brandon Lad

5th- Anita Young Gil

Nursery #2

09/08/2012 5 Dogs

1st- Rick Wall Sis

2nd- Anita Young Max


Open #2

09/08/2012, 16 Dogs

1st- Dwight Parker Craig

2nd- Dwight Parker Lucy

3rd- Anita Young Mitch

4th- Richard Brandon Lad

5th- Joe Parham Scooter

Nursery #3

09/09/2012 9 Dogs

1st- Richard Brandon Gypsy

2nd- Robert Rogers Nicko

3rd- Anita Young Gil

Open #3

09/09/2012 17 Dogs

1st- Joe Parham Scooter

2nd- Tony Stewart Lad

3rd- Anita Young Gil

4th- Tony Stewart Randa

5th- Dwight Parker Lucy





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