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I purchased Spook from Joe Parham when Spook was 1 year old. He finished into one of the most talented farm and trial dogs I have ever trained and owned. Spook is now owned by Leroy Newell.

2006 USBCHA National Cattle Dog Finals Top Qualifier and winner of the Jack Miller/Wayne Butler National Finals Top Qualifying Award Presented by Herbert Holmes, USBCHA President, to me and my son, Seth.

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2005 USBCHA National Cattle dog Finals

Nursery Reserve Champion

The 2005 Nursery Reserve Champion Award was presented to Dwight and Spook by Judge Dan Gill.

Dwight Parker 2005 Reserve Nursery Champion and

Steve McCall Champion

Spook is a very powerful farm hand and talented trial dog. Spook's blood line goes back to Marc Christopher's Amos (Bear), line bred back to Nyles Saline's Moss, out of Lewis Pulfers Imported Dell.

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Spook can handle any type of livestock. He works in a calm and authoritative manner and will grip when necessary, head or heel. Spook competed in Open Cattle and Open Sheep Competition before his second birthday.He has both the power and finesse to get the job done.

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