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Sold to T.Sanders, VA.

Mike is an outstanding working stock dog for cattle, sheep or goats. Sired by Craig and whelped by Schreeder's Kate. Kate is a sister to Lewis' Shep (formally Bill Reed's Shep) 2005 National Cattle Dog Champion. Mike has Style and push on sheep, extremely intelligent. Mike won his first Open Cattle Dog Trial before his second birthday.


Mike is the 2010 US Southern Cattle Dog Champion and was a Finalist at the 2010 and 2011 National Cattle Dog Finals, Gering Nebraska and Redding Iowa.

DNA is Normal/Clear for CEA by parentage

Mike can be bred to any mate and will not produce any pups affected with CEA.

Mike is available at stud to approved working females

Mike Pedigree

Trial Accomplishments

Updated:December 2010

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