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Blue Ridge Lamb

Katahdin and Dorper lambs


Blue Ridge Lamb is located in the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains near Brevard, NC. Our Katahdin / Dorper lambs are raised on open pasture and fresh mountain spring water. This breed of hair sheep is raised strictly for it's meat. The carcass dresses out cleanly and easily. It is heavily muscled, relatively lean and has a mild flavor.

Our lambs are processed at a USDA inspected facility and vacuum sealed for lasting quality and freshness. The lambs are sold from our farm by the 1/2 or whole lamb, cut, vacuumed sealed and boxed . The standard cut will include:Chops, Ground, Rack, Shank, Leg, Shoulder.

Whole lamb, cut and wrapped will average 30 lbs per box up to 35 lbs.

1/2 lamb will average 15 lbs. per box

Price : $11.00 a pound



We are currently accepting orders for 2014 lambs. A $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required when placing an order. All lambs will be pre-sold so order early. We prefer that the orders be picked up at our farm on dates specified by us. There is some flexibility in pickup for extenuating circumstances. I can deliver a few lambs to Asheville NC for any customers to the east of us that need some help with delivery.

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