Bree (Sold to C.Gallaher,TN)

Bree was very keen to work at a young age. I started training her when she was 9 months old and by 11 months of age she knew her verbal and whistle commands, outrun, lift, fetch drive,and started shedding. . She is extremely strong to the head on cattle and works to the pressure on sheep. Bree, at 11 months old, won a Nursery National Cattle Dog Finals qualifing trial and at one year old, placed 3rd in an Open Cattle Dog Trial.

Sire: Peanut

Dam: Jocie, sister to Parker's Macey

Breeder: Dwight Parker


Trial Accomplishments

You Tube of Bree working at 11 months old

DNA test for CEA is Normal/Clear

You tube video of Bree 11 months old

Pictured left when she was 4 months old

Pictured right at 9 months old

Updated: January 20121

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