The 2014 Blue Ridge Classic Cattle Dog Championship was held at Everett Farms in Pisgah Forest NC. Everett Farms is owned by George and Carrie Lenze and the farm manager is Joffery Merrill. A huge thank you to the Lenze family for hosting this event and to Joffery with his assistance before the trial. A tremendous thank you to the numerous volunteers: Seth Parker- set out pen, Karen Owens, Andrew Rogers,Stephanie Owens, Tiffany Owens, Joe Parham, Rick Wall and Seth Parker- Horse Set out Crew , Selma Parker - prepared our meal, John Reynolds- videotaped, Rae Parker Judged and Scribed. Mark Huck helped with several chores. All of the handlers helped through out the trial. Thank you to all the handlers for supporting this event.

Our generous sponsors for the 2014 trial were:

The Lenze Family

Everett Farms LLC

American Border Collie Association

Rae and Mark Huck
Carol Anne and Stone, Res. Ch.
Dwight and Boss
George and Carrie Lenze
Dwight and Craig
2014 Handlers,(where is Carol Anne)
Matt Barr and Sis
Joe and Celt,Nursery Champion
Dwight and Lucy, Overall Champion
Matt and his son resting a minute
Lucy on the drive
Stone,Reserve Champion
Sorry about the picture quality. We had camera issues.
Matt, Rick and Kelly
Michael Gallaher
Matt Barr's Sis
Rick Wall and Sis
Stuart ,Dwight and Calvin
Dwight and Lucy Penning

2014 Blue Ridge Cattle Dog Championship Results

Trial #1 (10 entries) Open Cattle

1st Dwight Parker / Lucy

2nd Dwight Parker / Boss

3rd Matt Barr / Sis

4th Kelly Lasey / Jep

5th Carol Anne Bailey / Stone

Trial #2 ( 10 entries ) Open Cattle

1st Dwight Parker / Lucy

2nd Carol Anne Bailey / Stone

3rd Dwight Parker / Craig

4th Joe Parham / Celt

5th Matt Barr / Sis

Nursery #1 ( 9 entries )

1st Joe Parham / Celt

2nd Kelly Lasey / Jep

3rd Carol Anne Bailey / Pilot

4th Dwight Parker / Allie

5th Ellen Beasley / Shian

Nursery #2 ( 8 entries )

1st Joe Parham / Celt

2nd Carol Anne Bailey / Pilot

3rd Kelly Lasey / Jep

4th Joe Parham / Poco


Open Champion - Dwight Parker and Lucy Reserve Open Champion - Carol Anne Bailey and Stone Nursery Champion - Joe Parham and Celt Reserve Nursery Champion- Kelly Lasey and Jep


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